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We can customize for your needs or you gift giving needs. Have some some family jewelry sitting in a drawer? We can co-create it into something more modern. Jewelry by Jocelyn Leigh has recently added therapeutic bracelets. They are made of copper and magnetic beads. They have helped ease the pain of some of our customers. Many people say they help with arthritis and pain management. Many of our pieces are designed for the modern woman who wants to be effortlessly fashionable. These lightweight pieces, often made of a mix of aluminum and colored aluminum, are contemporary and delightful. Crystals and rhinestones add sparkle and shine to a range of handmade bracelets and earrings and necklaces.  These pieces are intended to keep things light wherever you are–at the office, the coffee shop, or on the dance floor. It’s like wearing a bit of air. Must haves for the forward-thinking, contemporary woman. Jewelry is about feeling good about yourself and having fun. Of, course we can make jewellery for men too! We also make custom products too, such as key chains, zipper pulls, phone bling, and bookmarks. Great for gifts!

In the beginning…

I never thought of myself as artistic.  Sound familiar?  I just like working with my hands and a friend suggested jewelry making.  Chain Mail more specifically.  I was hooked instantly.  I started with a kit, but didn’t like the look of it in one colour, so I bought some coloured jump rings to use as accents.  First artistic muscle stretch.  Next I was introduced to the Swarovski corner of a great store.  I bought some beads without knowing what I was going to do with them.  I think that was my way of trying to kick start some creativity.  Bracelets are also a great way to encourage creativity.  I love to wander around stores and pick out what jumps out at me and then take them home and see what I come up with.  Another source of inspiration is buying something by mistake.  You’ll be amazed at how fast you find another use for it.  So if you’re thinking of trying something new, do it!  Take that first baby step and see what happens!  You don’t even have to think about selling.  I didn’t.  It just happened because I put pictures up on Facebook and people wanted to buy the pieces and what was I going to say?

Beer bottle and opener earrings

Bead Capture Bracelet Copper Magnetic Hematite
Bead Capture Bracelet Copper Magnetic Hematite